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As we all know very well that Islam is the religion which emphasized on power of Knowledge in its first revelation.And Islamic education always has been an essential to Muslim Society. Islamic education becomes more crucial when it comes to girls as educating a girl is similar to educating a generation. A Muslim society where every individual not only enjoys his/her peaceful life with full rights but also represents Islam to others, cannot be imagined without providing education particularly Islamic education to the girls.

To fulfill this requirement of girls' education and equip girls with Islamic education to understand the current challenges of the country and live their lives according to Islam, we at Jamia Tut Tahiraatdo our best to provide a healthy environment for learning with team of experienced and qualified teachers and with the best possible learning technology.

At present, Jamia Tut Tahiraat is providing education to 350girls; among them 265 girls are getting hostel facilities.


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